kincs / I dreamt with a treasure

the short film features Lina, a 12-year-old living in a remote, half-abandoned village between the green hillsides of northern Hungary. her mother has left to test her luck abroad in the hope of finding a better financial situation, trying to maintain contact through video calls, and sending small packages home. A clear picture of their world unfolds through a small amount of dialogue and the rhythm of the life of the borderlands. The film is a personal story embedded in a larger social context about Lina, who unexpectedly finds a treasure that is believed to possibly be able to turn her fate around.


We’ve returned the stones to their origin.

site specific installation w/ luca rádler

Mészkő (eng. limestone), extracted from this quarry, dates back over 20 million years to the Miocene epoch, originating from the remains of marine creatures with limestone shells. These stones, hewn from here, have been used to build monuments like palaces, bridges, and churches. In homage to this ancient material, we’ve created a monument, formed of mystical spaces. Within a Mész-maze enclosed by chalky pathways stands a Totem, where water dripping on mész instilled by humans, forms a dance of substances. As we navigate the limestone mazes, we recall the pivotal moment when life transformed into matter — where the past and present intertwine, revealing the eternal cycle. Remembrance to our Miocene ancestors by returning their dust to where we took it from. We took it to build ourselves bridges, palaces, and all the things that serve only us.

experimental music video - deep glaze
last seen at

”last seen at”

ongoing project about disappearance